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Writing Paper Machine

Writing / Printing – Newsprint Paper Machine

The writing paper printing machine is a high-speed machine that produces paper of various grades and sizes. It features advanced technology such as a pressurized headbox and an efficient wire part for optimal paper formation and drainage.

Additionally, the machine is designed with a pope reel for efficient rewinding, and its drainage element is designed to ensure the best efficiency for the speed and quality of the paper being produced. With a substance range of 28 to 60 GSM and the ability to produce poster and other lighter special grades of paper, the writing paper printing machine is a versatile and efficient option for paper production.

- Pressurised Head Box
- Speed upto 600 MPM
- Deckle upto 4.2 Mtr
- GSM Range : 42-100
- High Speed Bi-Nip Press configuration
- Efficient Wire Part (S.S. cladded) with guide &  Plain/Suction Couch
- Efficient Drainage Element as per machine speed & paper quality

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