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Tissue Paper Machine

Tissue / Poster Paper Machine

Tissue paper printing machines produce high-quality prints on tissue paper products. They offer fast printing speeds, precise color registration, and high-resolution printing to create eye-catching designs. These machines are easy to operate and maintain, with automatic tension control systems and user-friendly interfaces.

Tissue paper printing machines print on facial tissues, napkins, and toilet paper. Some models print on both sides and handle different sizes and weights. They are efficient and advanced with features that enhance the quality of printed tissue paper products, making them a valuable investment for businesses.

- Speed upto 450 MPM
- GSM Range : 16-40
- Pressurised Head Box
- Deckle upto 4.2 Mtr
- Deckle at Pope – 4000MM
- Substance Range – 28 to 60 GSM
- Machine Speed Designed – 400 MPM
- Paper Grade – Poster & Other Lighter Special Grade
- Drainage Element for best efficiency per speed & paper quality
- High Efficiency Wire Part (S.S. cladded) with efficient guide & Couch.

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