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Head Box

- Construction complete is Stainless Steel.
- Profile variation across the deckle is maximum+/-3 % GSM.
- Cylindrical tapered & rectangular tapered manifold can be provided.
- Open type Head Box Machine Speed up to 300 mtr/min. Slice width up to 3500 mm.

Dryer Section

- Shell thickness from 22 mm to 32 mm.
- Operating pressure upto 4.5 kg/cm2.
- Framings heavy duty from Cast Iron & Mild Steel with stress relieved facility.
- Mild Steel fabricated Dryer cylinder from boiler quality plate with high evaporation rate.
- Cast iron dryers available in 4-6 ft dia, Indian & Imported models arranged on request.


- Stress relieving Facility is also available at site.
- Surface machining & grinding to achieve mirror finished.
- Stainless Steel coating on surface facility is also available at site.
- Mild Steel fabricated M. G. Cylinder from boiler quality up to Dia. 18 Ft. and Face up to 5 Mtr.

Size Press

HMPL manufactures inclined size press. The machine balances the benefits of both the horizontal and vertical design concepts along with eliminating the shortcomings of both. The configuration has top fixed drive roll and movable bottom roll with loading mechanism and helper drive for preventing power loss through slippage.

Soft Calendar

Calendaring method depends on paper grade and printability. Soft calendaring has replaced super calendaring in most of the world due to ease of operation and maintenance. Heated and elastic rolls provide uniform thermal compression, improving paper surface quality.

Pulping Section

- Chest Agitator.
- Floatation cells for deinking Systems.
- High density Cleaners/Low density Cleaners- Centri Cleaners.
- L.C. Pulpers & Hicon Pulper with Poir Discharge Equipments.
- Screening System for low & high density stock- Johnson Screen, B2 Thickner, 3F-Screen, Turbo Separator, Pressure Screens Cleaning Equipments.

Separ plast

- Operating consistency 3.5 to 5 %
- Screen hole size: 3.5-6mm, varies with furnish grade and cleanliness requirements.
- Rejects are usually conveyed to a vibrating screen to separate them from the water.
- Rotating blades inside perforated basket create product flow in housing with inspection/outlet doors.

Turbo Separator

- Open type Head Box Machine Speed up to 300 mtr/min. Slice width up to 3500 mm.
- Efficient heavy and light impurity separation. Minimal fiber loss. 3.4% operating consistency.
- Stainless Steel rotor creates a vortex in separator, carrying heavy particles outward by Centrifugal force into junk trap. Rotor & screen slush paper chips, removing non-fibrous material as light reject, treated in secondary separator.

Twin Drum Thickner

Twin Drum Press is basically a Thickner used for dehydration of stock prior to Hot Disperser/Kneader. The maximum the dehydrated stock, the better the Dispersing / Kneading.

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