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Jumbo Press

Paper & Board Manufacturing

Jumbo presses are used in paper and board manufacturing to increase the density and smoothness of the finished product. They operate by applying high pressure and heat to the paper web, compressing it and removing excess water. Jumbo presses come in various types, including soft nip, hard nip, and shoe presses, each with unique features and advantages.

Jumbo presses are a critical component in the paper and board manufacturing process, helping to enhance the quality and value of the final product. They also offer significant energy savings and environmental benefits by reducing the amount of water and steam needed for production.

- Roll size : up to 1500mm
- Deckle : 4200 mm
- Roll size : 1500 under Mfg
- Recently Supplied to : Bhagwati kripa Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur (Raj.)

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