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Duplex Paper Machine

Duplex Board Paper Machine

Duplex paper printing machines print on both sides of paper, allowing for faster production and efficient operation. They can handle various paper sizes and weights, and are suitable for printing on duplex paper products such as gift boxes and packaging. Advanced features like automatic tension control and precise color registration ensure high-quality printing for modern printing applications.

In addition to their high-speed printing capabilities, they offer efficient, high-quality printing on various paper products. They feature automatic controls and user-friendly interfaces for easy operation and maintenance. Ideal for businesses looking to optimize their printing operations and enhance their product quality.

- Speed upto 300 MPM
- Deckle upto 4.2 Mtr
- GSM Range : 150-450
- Open Heavy Duty Jumbo Presses
- High speed & efficient Formars.
- Multilayer Wire for Duplex board plant
- Three stage Dryer section for Duplex board plant
- Specially designed for Coated/Uncoated Duplex Boards

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