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 Since 1986
Providing quality services requires understanding customer needs
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Manufacturing and supplying machinery for pulp and paper plants.

We are a single unit known as Honest Machinery Private Limited (HMPL), with no sister concern. Since 1976, we've manufactured pulp and paper machines. Initially, we supplied small capacity plants in Gujarat. In 1986, we renamed the company 'Honest Machinery Inc.' due to tremendous potential in the core industry

Our paper products and machinery have been expertly crafted since 1976, with a focus on quality and innovation. From kraft paper to newsprint plants, we offer a range of options with high-speed capabilities up to 350 Tones/day. With repeat orders from satisfied customers in South India, our experienced team uses advanced technology to create top-of-the-line paper products.

Our Business Strategy

The primary objective of our business strategy is to ensure customer safety and earn profit simultaneously. The secret to achieving both lies in one word: 'Quality'. Quality means doing things technologically so perfectly that the customer is glad to pay a price that allows us to make a profit.

Why Choose Us!

With decades of experience, we are proud to be pioneers in the industry.

Honest Machinery Private Limited: Experts in pulp and paper machinery since 1976-77. Trust us to deliver the highest quality equipment and services for your paper manufacturing needs.

Expertise & dynamic marketing has captured good market share.
Safe & profitable operations through perfection.
Varied paper qualities, expert team & advanced tech.
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our top priority
Our Commitment to Excellence

Empowering Your Potential with Our Values.


Delivering technologically advanced and reliable pulp and paper machinery to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability.


Core Values

Respect, creativity, and integrity drive our business. We prioritize innovation, honesty, and ethics in everything we do.

Core Values

IEC No: 520400337
FIEO No: AHD/140/2015-16


Our Services

Listed below services we provide.

We offer a range of project management services, including planning, estimating, scheduling, cost control, and sub-contract management. Our team also handles the procurement, installation, and erection of equipment.

Material Handling Systems
Environmental Solution
Pulping / Process Simulation
Reject Handling Systems
After Sales Services
Spare Parts
Servicing of Plants
Personnel training
Repair & Rebuilds
Paper Making / Mechanical-Pulping
Finishing of Paper- Sheeting/Reeling
Dismantling/installation of used equipment.

“ Growth Through Innovation & Technology! ”