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Valued Clients

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Valued Clients

Listed below are our Valued Clients.
Clients Plant Capacity      Product Location
Clients Plant CapacityProduct Location
Ladhar Paper Mills 100 TPD Complete Wtg & Ptg plant Nakodar (Punjab)
Blue Mount Paper & Boards Pvt. Ltd.70 TPD Complete Wet End Part XI/296, Alamcode Attingal (Kerala)
Bhagwati Kripa Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.80 TPD Complete Supply for Kraft Paper Plant Stock
preparation + paper Machine
Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Reliance Kraft Paper (India) Pvt. Ltd. 50 TPD Complete Kraft paper plant. Stock
preparation + Paper machine
25, Spartan Nagar,Anna Nagar West,
Chennai – 600 050.
BVR Paper Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd. 120 TPD Complete Wire Part with FDR for
Writing Printing Paper Plant
Vaithieswara Paper & Boards Pvt.Ltd. 80 TPD Complete Kraft Paper Plant from Pulping to
Finishing Section
Paramathi Velur,Dist. Namakkal(T.N.)
Shri Andal Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. 80 TPD Complete Kraft paper Plant machine unit
Malu Papers Ltd. 100 TPD Newsprint plant Nagpur
Parijat Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd. 120 TPD Absorbent Kraft paper Plant Meerut Road Muzaffarnagar (U.P)
Kovai Maruthi Papers & Board Pvt. Ltd. 60-70 TPD Kraft paper Plant machine unit : 1&2 Tamilnadu.
Vishnu Paper Products Pvt. Ltd. 40 TPD Kraft paper Plant Pondicherry
Rayana Paper Board Industrial Pvt. Ltd. 60 TPD Writing Printing Rayana Regency Gorakhpur (U.P)
Saraswati Udyog Pvt. Ltd. 120 TPD Duplex Board Plant Tamilnadu.
Shree Siddhaswari Udyog Ltd. 150 TPD Flow Dist. Head Box Kashipur (U.P.)
Genus Paper Products Ltd. Flow Dist. Head Box Moradabad, U.P.
Siddharth Papers Ltd. Flow Dist. Head Box Kashipur (U.P.)
Siddheshwari Industries Pvt. Ltd. 130 TPD Flow Dist. Head Box Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
Sardhana Paper Pvt. Ltd. 60 TPD Head Box, Low
Vacuum Box
Sardhana (U.P.)
Bhageswari Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd. 100 TPD Head Box Muzaffarnagar (U.P)

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