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Overseas Clients

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Overseas Clients

Listed below are our Overseas Clients
Clients Plant CapacityProduct Location
Clients Plant CapacityProduct Location
S. A.Pulp & Paper 100 TPD Complete Pulp Mill For Wtg & Ptg. Chittagong,Bangladesh
Mir Pulp & Paper Ind. Ltd. 120 TPDComplete Pulp Mill For Newsprint Plant Chittagong,Bangladesh
Middle East Paper Company 350 TPD Thickner Drum 2mtr x 4.2Mtr FL + Vat 2Nos Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mostfa Paper Miil Ltd 100 TPD Writing Printing –Upgradation of Wire Part + othersChittagong,Bangladesh
Padma Paper Mill Ltd. 100 TPD Dryer Section Dhaka, Bangladesh

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